The images on this website are primarily the result of an ongoing experience

between my thoughts, senses and the world around me.

These forces have collectively offered me the tools necessary to explore and understand

the relationship between myself and the society in which I live.

However, for reasons other than the obvious, one sense has been much more influential



Since the age of seven, only one of my eyes  have  functioned as originally given.

My left eye has thanklessly offered me an acceptable image of the world

and enabled me to function at normal‘ level.

My right eye however, slightly askew and with a modified retina,

  paints a slightly different portrait than it’s counterpart.

These two discrepant images are then fused into one,

projected onto my minds eye and generally accepted as ‘what I see.’


But this combination of differentiating images, along with a limited peripheral vision

have massively influenced the way in which I experience my world.

They are factors that not only affect my obvious visual perception

but also my understanding of what is, or might be happening around me.


Whilst sometimes the double image experience can be physically or emotionally uncomfortable,

making simple functions difficult or certain thoughts distracting,

other times can be equally entertaining and rewarding.

Almost on a daily basis, I engage with this stimuli and inwardly explore

the relationships between these two images

and how they impact on my thoughts and actions.


As with this piece of text,

I believe that every other observation, reflection or creation found on this site are,

in some form or another,

informed and shaped by the experience of my fractured vision.